Proprietary planning services:

my2nd-Half Game Plan™

The Confident Survivor™ Strategy

myIncome Advisor

The Forensic Policy Analysis


One of the ways I provide the value of world class investment management is my strategic alliance with a company called AssetMark.

What this means to you is that we have access to about a dozen diverse institutional and boutique money management thinking, strategies and tools to tailor an investment strategy focused on you, your need for income and tolerance for volatility.

The real benefit to you is the increased confidence of knowing your investments are professionally managed to help you reach your short and long term goals.

Financial Planning

One of the ways we help our clients get their financial house in order, and keep it that way, is with our online platform called myDashboard.

What this means to you is that in addition to being better organized and having 24/7 access, we may uncover missing or inaccurate information and discover planning opportunities that may help you protect, preserve and grow your assets.

The real benefit to you is the peace of mind knowing your affairs are arranged consistent with your goals and to help you honor the commitments you’ve made to those you care about!


One of the ways we provide value to protect and preserve your lifestyle, assets and those you care about is by leading a conversation about the consequences of not having a plan for life's contingencies of a long life, an early death, the unintended accident or critical illness and incapacity.      

What this means to you is that we will have explored and answered the very important questions of what it may take for you and your loved ones to be financially secure.

The real benefit to you is the increased confidence and peace of mind knowing you have a plan in alignment with your wishes to protect the emotional, physical and financial well-being of you and your family.