A Balanced Approach To Meaningful Longevity

A Balanced Approach To Meaningful Longevity

| October 07, 2016

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -- Albert Einstein

The intent of this short article is to give you something to ponder about your long lived life. If you’re like me and plan on sticking around awhile (I plan to make it to age 120) it may be beneficial to thoroughly consider how this vision of our longevity may pan out, lest we pay mere consequences of a prolonged existence. Meaningful longevity sounds better anyway, don’t you think?

Meaningful Longevity

I recently learned of this term, “meaningful longevity” while attending the United Way of Marathon County’s workshop called “The New Retirement and Secrets of the Happiest Retirees” presented by Mr. Tony Omernik and Ms. Carol Pasnecker. They spent the prior eighteen months researching, studying and interviewing “happy retirees” and their program focused on how to prepare for the transition into retirement. I have since taken keen interest in this meaningful longevity subject matter with two basic premise thoughts:

  • Technological advances are keeping us alive longer but not necessarily extending our quality of life
  • We each need to take more personal responsibility to create our own meaningful longevity to avoid the consequences of a prolonged existence lacking quality of life.

myNon-Financial Portfolio™

One particular idea they shared during the workshop was how to identify how we will invest our time. I call it “myNon-Financial Portfolio™.”

myNon-Financial Portfolio™ helps us plan for life’s transitions. It’s a way to establish a foundation of how we’d like to invest our time in the most fun, engaged and meaningful way and then reflect on our own identity: our purpose, what we will do to have fun, what we will do to maintain our physical health, our cognitive health and how will we stay connected to our social and relationship network.

Those of us who plan ahead by going through this process of seeking meaningful longevity will have developed a stronger structure that will help us balance on our new bicycle and will support us to keep moving.

“By advancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, we want to create a world where 90-year- olds can be as healthy as 50-year-olds, by 2030.” -- The Methuselah Foundation

Let’s say The Methuselah Foundation is half right…70-year-olds are as healthy as today’s 50-year-olds. We best get on with coming up with our longevity game plan. Agree?

Here is an example given in the United Way of Marathon County’s workshop:

Used with permission from Mr. Tony Omernik from United Way RSVP of Marathon County, Wausau, WI. www.unitedwaymc.org.

What might your non-financial portfolio look like?

A future blog will address the financial portfolio side of the equation.

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